Varnum Board of Education Policy Book

* As Policies are updated they will appear here:

AA School District Legal Status
AE Philosophy of Education
AEA Mission Statement
BA Board of Education Legal Status
BAA Board of Education Powers & Duties
BAAB Nepotism
BBB-E Board of Education Oath of Office
BBC Board Vacancies
BBH Development Opportunities-Board Members
BEA Agenda Prep
BED-R Board of Education Meetings Public Participation (Regulation)
CA Expenditure of District Funds
CBBB Internal Controls
CFBB Sanction Clubs
CHA Purchasing and Distribution
CHAH E-Rate Record & Procurement
CKDA Tobacco Policy
CNAB Transportation Management
CO Nutrition & Wellness
COB Food Procurement
COB-P Food Procurement Protest Procedures
COB-R Food Procurement (Reg)
CO-R CNP Regulations
DAAC Federal Programs Complaint Procedure
DAAC-E Federal Programs Complaint Form
DBD Conflicts of Interest
DCC Drug-Free Workplace
DE Salaries and Expenses
DEE-R Travel and Expenses
DEEC Student Activities Reimbursement
DMB Professional Growth and Development
DMB-R1 Professional Growth and Development (Regulation)
EBA 1080 hours
EFBCA Internet Acceptable Use
EGA Curriculum Design
EHBBA Advanced Placement
EHBDBA Parent Participation
EHBDB-R Title I Parent Involvement (Regulation)
EHBE LEP Instruction
EHDD Concurrent Enrollment
EHDF Online Instruction
EIA Promotion and Retention
EIA-R4 Student Retention (Regulation)
EIA-R5 Mid-Year Promotion 4th Grade
EIC Honors Program-Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Honor Student
EIC-R1 Honors Program (Reg)
EIED Graduation Requirements
EKBA Reading Sufficiency Testing
FD Student Residency (Foster Care)
FE Transfers & Assignments
FFFF School Bus Program
FFFF-E School Bus Incident Report
FFFF-R1 School Bus Program (Regulations)
FFFF-R2 Activity Bus Use (Guidelines)
FFG Reporting Suspected Child Abuse & Neglect
FFG-E Suspected Child Abuse Report Form
FMB Student Activity Drug Testing
FMB-F Student Activity Drug Testing Consent Form
FNCA Dress Code
FNCA-R Dress Code
FNCD Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying
FNCD-E Bullying Incident Report Form